Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

ESN Italia - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 23:34
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TheatrErasmus is a cultural project realized by the Italian section of ESN Roma 3. It consisted of a show titled “They call it Theatre” and it took place on the 7th of February. Erasmus students and ESNers acted in it and performed monologues and pieces taken from classics as “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society” and many more.
This is a flagship project that allows the participants to express their emotions freely.

ESN Roma 3 has won the February-edition of Section in the Spotlight thanks to the cultural project TheatrErasmus.
Despite having been introduced recently, this event has already become the flagship project. On the 7th of February, Erasmus students and ESNers performed in a show titled “They call it Theatre” with the aim of entertaining the audience. They presented themselves through the words of well-known figures of theatre, literature, cinema and television. They interpreted pieces and monologues taken from well-known classics such as “The Great Dictator”, “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Friends” and many more.

The students prepared the final show with the help of a teacher and professional actor during lessons that took place in the preceding months. Erasmus students had the chance not only to put themselves forward but also to express their emotions freely.

 Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3
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Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

ESN Italia - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 23:24
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La vincitrice del Section in the Spotlight di febbraio è ESN ROMA 3 con il progetto culturale TheatrErasmus. Nonostante sia stato introdotto solo quest’anno, è subito diventato il progetto di punta. Il 7 febbraio è stato organizzato uno spettacolo di fine semestre intitolato "They call it Theatre", che ha permesso agli erasmus e ad alcuni ESNers di condividere il palco e intrattenere il pubblico in sala, raccontandosi attraverso le parole di illustri personaggi del teatro, della letteratura, del grande e piccolo schermo. I ragazzi hanno interpretato e recitato spezzoni e monologhi presi da grandi classici quali "Il grande dittatore", "Big Kahuna", "L'attimo fuggente", "Friends" e molti altri.

La preparazione dello spettacolo è avvenuta durante le lezioni teatrali frequentate dai ragazzi nei mesi precedenti e grazie alla partecipazione e supervisione di un insegnante e attore professionista. È stata un'occasione che ha permesso non solo di mettersi in luce, ma ha anche dato agli erasmus la possibilità di esprimersi liberamente, lasciando andare le emozioni.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3
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Section in the Spotlight - ESN Venezia

ESN Italia - Wed, 13/02/2019 - 17:45
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The winner of our Section in the Spotlight of February is ESN Venezia with its visit to discover the island of Campalto, in the venetian laguna. An island surrounded by nature but in the shadow of the bell tower of San Marco, which can be seen in the distance. A day with the Erasmus students spent discovering the island and its misteries, a moment dedicated to the SocialErasmus project by cleaning the green area after a packed lunch, a linguistic tandem with the foreign students and a guided tour of the park. At the end of the day they made a trip on a steamboat to go visit the fascinating Murano and its ancient village, its canals just like Venice and its colored little houses, typical of the laguna.

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Section in the Spotlight - ESN Venezia

ESN Italia - Wed, 13/02/2019 - 09:56
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La vincitrice del Section in the Spotlight di febbraio è ESN Venezia e la sua visita alla scoperta dell’isola Campalto nella laguna veneziana. Un’isola immersa nella natura ma all’ombra del campanile di San Marco che si vede in lontananza. Una giornata con gli studenti Erasmus all’insegna di un pranzo al sacco alla scoperta dell’isola e dei suoi misteri, un momento SocialErasmus con la pulizia dell’area verde dopo il pic nic, un tandem linguistico con i ragazzi stranieri e una visita guidata con il custode del parco. A fine giornata un altro giro in vaporetto per andare a scoprire l’affascinante Murano con il suo borgo antico, i canali come la più grande Venezia e le sue casette colorate tipiche della laguna.


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ESN Italy collaborates with Education Around

ESN Italia - Mon, 04/02/2019 - 21:39
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Starting from December 2018, Erasmus Student Network Italy is present on the online magazine Education Around with a new regular column on mobilty and internalisation.

The goal? Provide to the students who are interested in an Erasmus experience or in international exchanges in general, all the tools to make their journey unique, looking forward all the benefits of this amazing adventure.

Una nuova rubrica

L’importanza della mobilità e i vantaggi nello scoprire le culture locali

Lettera a me stesso, prima dell’Erasmus

More information: Education Around
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ESN Italia collabora con Education Around

ESN Italia - Wed, 23/01/2019 - 11:37
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A partire da Dicembre 2018, Erasmus Student Network Italia è presente sul magazine online Education Around con una rubrica fissa sulla mobilità e l'internazionalizzazione.

L'obiettivo? Fornire agli studenti interessati all'esperienza Erasmus e agli scambi internazionali in generale tutti gli strumenti per rendere il proprio percorso unico, pregustando tutti i benefici di questa meravigliosa avventura.

Una nuova rubrica

L’importanza della mobilità e i vantaggi nello scoprire le culture locali

Lettera a me stesso, prima dell’Erasmus

More information: Education AroundSpotlight Title: La nostra realtà associativa incontra il magazine online per una collaborazione all'insegna della mobilità
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Section In The Spotlight - ESN Politecnico Milano

ESN Italia - Thu, 17/01/2019 - 22:59
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The new year has remarkably started in Milan. ESN Politecnico Milano is our Section in the Spotlight for the month of January thanks to the project Christmas Exchange!

The initiative included 38 Erasmus students and 25 families and gave the possibility to the international students forced to stay in Milan for Christmas holidays to enjoy a truly Italian-style dinner on the 25th of December. This took place not only in Milan, but also in Genova and Trento, since some off-campus Politecnico students are from these cities.

The goal set when creating the event has been fully reached: on the one hand, giving a little bite of an authentic and familiar Christmas atmosphere to Erasmus students; on the other hand, promoting the discovery of local traditions, therefore promoting the integration of international students into the city social life.

We believe that Milan Erasmus students completely appreciated this amazing initiative that brings together the basic principle of ESN “Students Helping Students” and the warm and captivating Italian hospitality, all enhanced by the magical Christmas atmosphere.

On the other hand, ESN Politecnico Milano has given satisfactions to the italian Network since its foundation on the 6th of February 1992; from that moment on the guys from Politecnico never stopped! In 1994 ESN Politecnico Milano was one of the founding Sections of ESN Italy together with Siena, Parma, Pavia, Trento, Bologna and Genova, starting in the meanwhile the Cooperation with the other universities (Statale, Cattolica and Bocconi) of the future milanese SeCo, officially born in 2006 and reformed in 2009 with the name “ESN a Milano Unita” together with ESN IULM Milano, ESN Milano Bicocca, ESN Bocconi Milano, ESN Milano Statale and ESN Unicatt Milano.

The events promoted by Poli, both as a single section and as a section cooperation, are immeasurable: Crazy Countdown (1st edition back in 2009), the NP in 2010, the organization of the EN in 2013 in Castellaneta Marina, the AGM 2014, the ESN4EXPO in 2015 (exclusive and preferential entry price as well as the realization of a great parade of 1000 students along the Decumano all the way to the Tree of Life) and the unforgettable SWEP in 2017. Over the years the Association has continued growing, in terms of active members (around 70), many of whom are involved at the national level, as wells as in terms of Erasmus students.

Very well done guys, keep our network shining.


More information: Facebook ESN Politecnico MilanoInstagram ESN Politecnico MilanoLinkedIn ESN Politecnico MilanoSito web ESN Politecnico MilanoSpotlight Title: This month ESN Politecnico Milano is our Section in the Spotlight!
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"Mobility Is My Lifestyle" Competition - 3rd Edition

ESN Italia - Wed, 16/01/2019 - 00:33
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If you happen to know the answer, this is your chance to say “Mobility is My Lifestyle”!
Erasmus Student Network and Mov’in Europe project joined forces with Ryanair, Hostelling International, Dr. Walter and ESNcard to launch a third edition of competition with the same name and reward not one, but TWO people with an excellent two week journey, visiting 6 European cities and experience what it means to be a real mobility ambassador!

What do you need to win?
Use your creativity and make a 45-60 seconds long video that will answer the question "How does international exchange influence your life?"
At the beginning of the video, introduce yourself (name, surname, nationality) and express your motivation to win.
Upload the video to Instagram with the hashtags #MobilityIsMyLifestyle in description and don't forget to tag @MovinEurope and @erasmus.generation (make sure the video is not private).
The video must have English as its main language and one person can submit only one video.
The video should not include inappropriate or offensive language.
By submitting the video, you are responsible for the content copyrights, according to the state law. By submitting the video, you confirm that you have not breached any copyright laws.
The person applying for the competition and submitting the video must be at least 18 years old.
And then wish for the best!
The two winners will be announced on January 29th and will receive a prize of 2 weeks journey covered by Erasmus Student Network, flying with Ryanair, staying at Hostelling International hostels, being insured by Dr. Walter and enjoy the experience to the most with special ESNcard discounts. You will also meet local ESN members to learn more about the Causes of ESN that we implement during our volunteering experience and document all the moments in pictures or videos to share it daily with the Mov’in Europe followers.

You can submit your entry until January 27th, 11:59 PM CET.

The official trip will start on February 25th and will end on March 10th 2019. Good luck!


More information: Mov'in Europe CompetitionSpotlight Title: "Mobility Is My Lifestyle" Competition - 3rd Edition
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Concorso "Mobility Is My Lifestyle" - Terza Edizione

ESN Italia - Wed, 16/01/2019 - 00:07
Language Italian



Se credi di conoscere la risposta, questa è la tua occasione di dire “La mobilità è il mio stile di vita!
Erasmus Student Network e il progetto Mov’in Europe hanno unito le loro forze con Ryanair, Hostelling International, Dr. Walter e ESNcard per lanciare la terzaa edizione del concorso che porta lo stesso nome e premiare non uno, ma ben DUE persone con un fantastico viaggio di due settimane, che toccherà 6 città europee per provare cosa significhi essere un vero ambasciatore della mobilità.


Cosa serve per vincere?

Sii creativo e realizza un video di 45-60 secondi in cui rispondi alla domanda “Come gli scambi internazionali hanno influenzato la mia vita?

All’inizio del video presentati (nome, cognome, nazionalità) e spiega le tue motivazioni per vincere.

Carica il video su Instagram utilizzando gli hashtag #MobilityIsMyLifestyle #SharingMyCulture #ESNItalia e non dimenticare di taggare , (assicurati che il video non sia privato).

Il video deve essere in inglese e ogni persona può caricare un solo video. Il video non deve contenere linguaggio offensivo o inappropriato.

Caricando il video, si diventa automaticamente responsabili per il contenuto di copyright, secondo le leggi dello stato di appartenenza. Inoltre si afferma di non aver infranto nessuna legge sul copyright.

Per partecipare al contest bisogna aver compiuto 18 anni d’età.


Non vi resta che sperare che la fortuna vi baci!

I due vincitori verranno comunicati il 29 gennaio e riceveranno il viaggio premio di due settimane da Erasmus Student Network, viaggeranno con Ryanair, soggiorneranno in ostelli della catena Hostelling International, saranno assicurati da Dr. Walter e si godranno il meglio di quest’esperienza usufruendo anche degli sconti ESNcard. Incontreranno membri delle sezioni locali di ESN per vivere un contatto diretto con le Cause di ESN che ogni giorno promuoviamo nella nostra vita associativa e potranno documentare tutti i momenti con foto o video che verranno poi condivisi con i follower di Mov’in Europe.

E possibile prendere parte al concorso entro il 27 gennaio alle 23:59 CET.

Il viaggio ufficiale avrà inizio il 25 febbraio e durerà fino al 10 marzo. Buona fortuna!

More information: Mov'in Europe CompetitionSpotlight Title: Concorso "Mobility Is My Lifestyle" - Terza Edizione
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Section In The Spotlight - ESN Politecnico Milano

ESN Italia - Tue, 08/01/2019 - 10:05
Language Italian

Il nuovo anno incomincia bene a Milano. ESN Politecnico Milano è la nostra Section in the Spotlight per il mese di gennaio grazie al progetto Christmas Exchange!

L’iniziativa, che ha coinvolto 38 erasmus e 25 famiglie, ha dato la possibilità agli studenti internazionali costretti a rimanere a Milano per le vacanze di Natale di gustare il 25 dicembre un cenone natalizio in vero stile italiano, non solo a Milano ma anche a Matera, Genova e Trento presso le famiglie di studenti fuorisede del Poli.

Lo scopo prefisso alla creazione dell’evento è stato raggiunto in pieno: da una parte, regalare agli erasmus un assaggio di autentica e familiare atmosfera natalizia; d’altra parte favorire la scoperta di tradizioni nostrane, favorendo in conseguenza l’integrazione degli studenti internazionali nel tessuto cittadino e sociale.
Siamo sicuri che gli erasmus milanesi avranno apprezzato appieno questa splendida iniziativa che unisce il principio cardine di ESN “Students Helping Students” alla calda ed avvolgente ospitalità italiana, il tutto impreziosito dalla magica atmosfera del Natale.

D’altra parte, ESN Politecnico Milano ha regalato soddisfazioni a questo Network fin dalla sua fondazione nel 6 febbraio 1992; da allora i ragazzi di Poli non si sono mai fermati! Nel 1994 ESN Politecnico Milano è stata una delle sezioni fondatrici di ESN Italia insieme a Siena, Parma, Pavia, Trento, Bologna e Genova, avviando nel contempo la collaborazione con le altre università (Statale, Cattolica e Bocconi) del futuro coordinamento milanese, nato ufficialmente nel 2006 e riformato nel 2009 sotto il nome di Milano Unita con IULM, Bicocca, Bocconi, Statale ed Unicatt. Gli eventi promossi da Poli sia come sezione sia come coordinamento sono innumerevoli: Crazy Countdown (I edizione nel 2009), la PN nel 2010, l’organizzazione dell’EN 2013 a Castellaneta Marina, AGM 2014, ESN4EXPO nel 2015 (ingresso agevolato ed esclusivo oltre che la realizzazione di una grande parata di 1000 studenti lungo il Decumano fino all'Albero della Vita) e l’altrettanto indimenticabile SWEP 2017. Negli anni l'Associazione ha continuato a crescere, sia come numero di soci attivi (circa 50), moltissimi impegnati a livello nazionale, che di Erasmus.

Bravissimi ragazzi, continuate a far risplendere il nostro network!

More information: Facebook ESN Politecnico MilanoInstagram ESN Politecnico MilanoLinkedIn ESN Politecnico MilanoSito web ESN Politecnico MilanoSpotlight Title: Questo mese è ESN Politecnico Milano ad essere la Sezione sotto i riflettori!
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Entra nel Segretariato di ESN Italia!

ESN Italia - Fri, 04/01/2019 - 18:30
Language Italian

ESN Italia è alla ricerca di una persona motivata, intelligente e dedita all'impegno che ami la comunicazione e l'ambiente internazionale e che voglia lavorare all'interno della nostra organizzazione no-profit con l'obiettivo è promuovere il Programma Erasmus+, aiutando gli studenti internazionali che svolgono un periodo di scambio in Italia.

Le mansioni dello/a stagista consisteranno in:

  • Creazione di materiale promozionale
  • Social network management
  • Creazione di contenuti per sito web e blog
  • Organizzazione e partecipazione ad eventi
  • Photomaking ​​
  • Videomaking​​
  • Graphic design​​
  • Web design
  • Digital marketing ​​
  • Gestione e creazione di progetti e campagne

Competenze preferenziali per questa posizione:

  • Lingua: Italiano B1, Inglese C1
  • Applicazioni Google: Drive, Gmail, Google Docs
  • Social Network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
  • Photoshop, Illustrator e/o Canva
  • Software di video editing
  • Le capacità di programmazione sono un plus
  • Multitasking
  • Proattività
  • Lavoro di squadra
  • L'esperienza in ESN o in altre organizzazioni non governative è un plus
  • Esperienze Erasmus pregressa sono un plus

Lo/a stagista lavorerà nel nostro ufficio a Roma. Il periodo dello stage va da febbraio 2019 a dicembre 2019.

ESN Italia fornirà allo/a stagista una scrivania, un computer con connessione internet e i programmi adatti alle mansioni richieste, una stampante e la tessera mensile per i trasporti nella città di Roma.

Per candidarsi a questa posizione è necessario essere uno studente straniero vincitore di borsa di studio Erasmus+. ESN Italia non fornirà alcun compenso economico per le mansioni.

Le candidature che non rispettano i criteri richiesti non saranno prese in considerazione.


Durata: 10 mesi
Impegno: Part-Time
Compenso: Nessun compenso economico
Anni di esperienza richiesti: Nessuno

Termine ultimo per candidarsi: 19 gennaio 2019


More information: ErasmusIntern.orgSpotlight Title: Invia la tua candidatura come stagista per lavorare con noi nell'ambito di comunicazione e grafica!
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Join the ESN Italy Secretariat!

ESN Italia - Fri, 04/01/2019 - 18:04
Language English

ESN Italy is searching for a motivated, smart and dedicated person who loves communication and international environment and is willing to work in an international organization whose aim is to promote Erasmus+ and help international students doing their exchange in Italy.

The intern’s tasks will consist in:

  • Promotional material creation
  • Social network management (social communication)
  • Blog and web content creation
  • Event organisation and attendance​​
  • Photomaking ​​
  • Videomaking​​
  • Graphic design​​
  • Digital skills​​
  • Digital marketing ​​
  • Project management and project design

The desired skills for this position:

  • Languages: Italian B1
  • Google Applications: Drive, Gmail, Google Docs
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Canva
  • Video editing software
  • Web editing and programming is a plus
  • Multitasking
  • Proactivity
  • Teamwork
  • Experience in ESN or other NGO is a plus
  • Former Erasmus experience is a plus


The period of the internship goes from February 2019 to December 2019. The intern will work in our office in Rome.

ESN Italy will provide the intern with an office desk, a computer with internet connection and the software needed for the job, a printer and the monthly Rome travel card.

To apply for this position, an Erasmus+ grant is required. No financial compensation is directly given by ESN Italy.

The applications that do not follow the criteria listed above will not be taken into consideration.


Duration:  10 months Commitment:  Part-Time Compensation:  No financial compensation Years of Experience required:  No More information: More info on ErasmusIntern.orgSpotlight Title: Send your application as Communication and Graphics intern to work with us
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Section In The Spotlight - ESN ENEA Modena

ESN Italia - Thu, 20/12/2018 - 18:26
Language English

This month we have decided to put in the spotlight the event organized by ESN ENEA Modena called “CommeEUnity - Building the future together”.


The elections of the European Parliament are coming up, and being this a crucial event for the future of Europe, the volunteers of ESN ENEA Modena have organized a conference at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to shed some light on topics regarding Europe and student mobility.

In this occasion it was imperative to create a dialogue between local institutions and students, therefore among the invited attendees there were: the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, Sergio Ferrari, the Councillor for Europe and International Cooperation of the City of Modena, Andrea Bosi, and Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament.


In particular, the topics discussed were about how the Erasmus generation has changed and will keep changing the city of Modena, the whole country and Europe too. By highlighting how the students as well as the society can benefit from the Erasmus Project, they tried to answer the question “How do you build a university which is shaped around the needs of international and local students?”.

Congratulations to the ESN ENEA Modena section for having shown their commitment and interest on European matters.


More information: Facebook ESN ENEA ModenaInstagram ESN ENEA ModenaWebsite ESN ENEA ModenaSpotlight Title: Section In The Spotlight - ESN ENEA Modena
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Section In The Spotlight - ESN Macerasmus

ESN Italia - Thu, 13/12/2018 - 00:39
Language English

This month the section of ESN Macerata, thanks to its Clown Therapy event, was chosen as "Section in the Spotlight". In collaboration with the associations "Il baule dei sogni" and "Amadown", the guys from ESN Macerata managed to organize a "Clown Therapy" event as part of the ExchangeAbillity project.


The volunteers of the two associations together with the Erasmus students did not carry out the usual activity of Clown Therapy. Erasmus students and volunteers dressed up as clowns avoiding the make up typical of the clowns, as children thought about it.


The theme of diversity and disability is close to everybody’s heart and this was a great time to break the mental and physical barriers that can divide us from those labeled as "different".


Erasmus Student Network Macerata was founded in 2007 by the will of two former Erasmus of Macerata. In no time, it becomes almost a point of reference for all international students staying in Macerata. Thanks to the collaboration with the International Relations Center, it is able to offer a whole series of services and activities such as: pick-up at the station, assistance and orientation in finding accommodation until the stipulation of the lease contracts according to the needs of the students; a help desk service for direct contact and continuous information with Erasmus.


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Section In The Spotlight - ESN Palermo

ESN Italia - Thu, 13/12/2018 - 00:31
Language English

Our Section In The Spotlight of July is ESN Palermo with its delicious event "L'arancina è fimmina - ESN cooking class".

The long-standing Italian section, a member for 10 years, which welcomes an average of 150 Erasmus students per year, which usually organizes for them language tandems, guided tours of the city, themed parties, this time has worked hard to organize an original cultural event: a cooking class to learn how to prepare the undisputed queen of Palermo, the arancina!

The event took place in a charming place, in Baida, in a veranda with a sea view, to revive the atmosphere of spring lunches with the family. The event could not do without the help of grandmothers, thanks to them, the ESNers collected the best recipes to give their Erasmus the pleasure of tasting the authenticity of Palermo’s tradition.

The lesson was divided into three phases. The first, more cultural, consisted of a brief explanation of the history and legend of the arancina; phase two, the theoretical one, was a necessary and inevitable step-by-step explanation of how to proceed; the third and final phase, could only be the implementation of this explanation.

The Erasmus students, divided into groups, had fun making arancine, which were then eaten in no time, a sign that everyone had been an excellent cook!

More information: Facebook ESN PalermoInstagram ESN PalermoTwitter ESN PalermoSito web ESN PalermoSpotlight Title: Section In The Spotlight - ESN Palermo
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ESN Italy goes to Brussels!

ESN Italia - Thu, 13/12/2018 - 00:15
Language English

It was 1979 when the European Parliament gathered in Brussels for the first time. Since then the EU Parliament - the legislative and supervisory authority of the EU member states - has become the symbol of reference and representation of all European citizens. Therefore, there is a reason why the Belgian capital has been also chosen as the central seat of Erasmus Student Network. This no-profit, student organization is based on the principle Students Helping Students and aims at promoting mobility throughout the EU States, preventing xenophobia and every form of discrimination and spreading feelings of aggregation, integration and respect, in accordance with its motto Unity in Diversity.

For this reason, Erasmus Student Network Italy decided to organize a trip to Brussels to bring the famous Erasmus Generation in a direct in contact with the nevralgic centre and throbbing heart of the European Union. The underlying purpose is to educate ESN Italy’s members on such themes, matters and issues that they discuss and live daily at the local level.

The association, whose media coverage increases every day thanks to partners and institutional and commercial stakeholders (just think about the partnership with the giant of low cost flights, Ryanair) gave to 34 of its members the possibility to live a unique experience. This had the objective of improving the network, which is active and present all around Europe and of making their voice audible in view of the renovation of Erasmus+ program which will be discussed exactly among the seats of of the European Parliament in 2019, with the hope it will be decided to invest more in the sector.

The event “ESN Italy goes to Brussels”, promoted by the national Directive of the association and supported by the International Board, with the contribution of two MEP - Brando Benifei and Fabio Massimo Castaldo - took place from the 23rd to the 25th of May. “We, ESN Italy’s Directive, are happy and proud for having realized this event which we greatly believed in. - claims Vittorio Gattari, President of the association - Our volunteers organise activities concerning the European Union and the Erasmus+ program everyday, but “taking a closer look” is a completely different thing. I truly thank the MEP, who made the trip illuminative under many aspects with their sustain and participation: being acquainted with the European institutions will allow us to better spread to Italy those citizenship values we believe in and we need and we think we played our role with this project.”

The dense program of ESN volunteers brought them into the heart of European institutions, into direct contact with their foundational values and their functioning. Among the many planned activities, the most outstanding are: visit to the European Parliament, meeting concerning the functioning of European institutions, visit to the Parlamentarium, meetings dedicated to European tenders and an ad-hoc meeting on the Erasmus+ program, conference on active citizenship during the Erasmus period made by the MEP Brando Benifei.

He said to be extremely happy to having received ESN Italy’s delegation at the European Parliament. “I thought it was fundamental - uttered the MEP - for the young ESN Italy’s volunteers to get «directly» acquainted with the protagonists of EU decisional processes and to deepen the analysis of employment mechanisms. This is why I wanted to organise and support the visit of their delegation to Brussels for two-days thematic confrontations and institutional meetings. I hope that the collaboration with ESN continues as profitable as it has started: we have to give value, and I’m especially saying this as the President of the Intergroup Youth Policy, to the example of «active citizenship» that ESN embodies and realizes”.

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Section In The Spotlight - ESN ENEA Modena

ESN Italia - Wed, 12/12/2018 - 03:08
Language Italian

Questo mese abbiamo deciso di dare risalto all’evento organizzato dalla sezione ESN ENEA Modena dal nome “CommeEUnity - Building the future together”.


Le prossime elezioni per il Parlamento Europeo sono vicine e i volontari di ESN ENEA Modena in vista di questo evento cruciale per il futuro dell’Europa hanno organizzato una conferenza presso l’Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia al fine di fare chiarezza sui temi riguardanti appunto l’Europa e la mobilità studentesca.

Per tale occasione era doveroso poter creare un dialogo tra le istituzioni locali e gli studenti, per questo sono stati invitati a partecipare il Prorettore dell’Università, Sergio Ferrari, l’Assessore per l'Europa e la  Cooperazione Internazionale del Comune di Modena, Andrea Bosi e l’Onorevole Elly Schlein, Europarlamentare.


Nello specifico si è discusso di come la generazione Erasmus abbia cambiato e cambierà non solo la città di Modena ma anche l’Italia intera e l’Europa. Sempre sottolineando i benefici che gli studenti e la società possono trarre dal Progetto Erasmus, si è cercato di rispondere alla domanda: “Come si costruisce un’università che sia improntata sui bisogni degli studenti internazionali e locali?”.


Congratulazioni alla Sezione di ESN ENEA Modena per aver dimostrato il proprio impegno e grande interessamento alle tematiche europee.

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